The Contemplations  2015 smaller works 2015, 68 cm x 68 cm,
watercolour on 100% cotton rag paper
Dawning 1998, 131 cm x 114 cm, acrylic on paper
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     The peripheral, perambulatory space that encircles and embraces House Inspiring Peace features the artist’s new open series of 15 smaller paintings  The Contemplations.  With this Loewan explores what might be described as an inner, spiritual landscape - revealed and fixed in time as Loewan arrested the effects of numerous washes of complex, luminous colour, in imminent relationship with elemental geometric form. As displayed, the paintings and Arche-TEXTures offer the viewers a walking meditative experience.

artist creating The Contemplations in her studio

The Contemplations encircle House Inspiring Peace along the surrounding gallery walls






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